Friday Sketches

We’ve had so much crazy weather in the last couple of weeks.  As much as I enjoy the winter, I am so ready for spring to be here.  So when I saw the pots of iris for sale at the local grocery store, I bought one to brighten my studio.  And for some reason, it made me think of Stu.  It’s odd the things that bring him to my mind.  Stuff that has no obvious association.  Come on, flowers?  But there’s the connotation of hope and the passage of time.  I think that’s it.  And in the spirit of Stu, I tried something new.  I just got my very first fountain pen, and was intrigued by something I read about using a wet brush to pull the ink out for shading.  It was pretty fun.

Fountain pen, Noodler's "Heart of Darkness" ink, and Niji water brush in Strathmore Mixed Media visual journal. © Lisa M Harkins

We had a little break from the Friday sketches due to a crazy power outage in Krista’s aging building.  She was quite comfortable with her candle light and her Kindle, but it made computer access difficult.  We had some lively phone conversations, though, and it’s encouraging to see that in some ways, things are getting easier.

Candles. © Krista Simurdak

Krista says, “This week it seemed (even tho I can’t see him) that there is no separation between me and Stu.  It’s not the same as knowing he’s “always with me”. It’s more like there’s no difference, me being here and he being there. Here and there ends up being the same thing. It’s like you knowing that some of your people are here, some are in another state or country. They’re doing their thing tonight. And so are you.  This made my week a lot easier.

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