Friday Sketches

Last week, we both had obligations that kept us busy throughout the weekend.  Krista did her sketch but wasn’t super thrilled about how it came out.  I was traveling and never found the chance to do mine.

This week, I traveled again, but I found myself at the Portland Art Museum.  I went there to see the Mark Rothko exhibit, and I learned that I really am a fan of his later work, but not so much his earlier work.  Still, it was interesting to view the progression in his career, and you can clearly see where he began to transform into the amazing colorist he became.

Sketch of a character by John Frame. The little doll was there, but this was a large photograph that I sketched from. Sharpie on pre-painted page of Strathmore Mixed Media journal.

In another wing of the museum, there was an exhibit from an artist I’d never heard of – John Frame.  The exhibition space was so magical – walls painted black, gallery lights off, and simple spotlights on cases containing the work.  Pieces were not labeled, by specific instruction of the artist, which left the interpretation entirely up to the viewer.  It wasn’t long after I entered the gallery that I decided my Stu sketch would be here.  And it wasn’t long after that when I connected to my sister.  There is a quality to his art that I think she would immediately enjoy.  The characters are so quirky and unique, with their meticulous construction and their inclusions of found materials. The movie he is planning is so interesting and beautiful, with the potential for each viewer to interpret it differently. I simply could not wait for Krista to see his work, but it will have to wait until I see her next so I can share the catalog and the DVD with snippets from his planned full-feature, stop-motion movie.  If you are anywhere near Portland, do be sure to go see this exhibit.

Krista has made great strides in her healing in the past couple of weeks.  She did a sketch of a ship lamp, and her thought for the week is that a thought comes to you, and it seems disconnected from what you’re doing right now. You say wow, I didn’t know that when he was still alive. But inside you say well, maybe I should have. I just needed a little more time.

 You’ll never forget this thought. It was hard won, and it counts.

Ship lamp, © Krista Simurdak, 2012


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