Friday Sketches

Table lamp. Sharpie and conté crayon on sketch paper. © Krista Simurdak

Krista says, “The best thing to do is to be with discomfort without thinking: how long will it be till I’m ok?

In drawing, if you’re thinking about how cool the end result will be, what people will think, you’ll miss it.  the drawing will look like you’re making it for some important audience.  It will look the same as manipulation looks, like when you’re with people who have to prove themselves to you.  Better to have mistakes and tell the truth.

The magic is in not knowing how things will turn out.

I had no idea how this drawing would end up.

Isn’t it cool, wondering what it might be?  Maybe today I’ll be a star.

But it doesn’t really matter if I ‘make it’ or not.”

Marbled hatchet fish, quite dessicated.

Nik had some hatchetfish in the aquarium.  They are notorious jumpers.  You open the lid to feed them, and they just leap right out, as if they are anxious to see what they’re missing in the wide world.  This one jumped without being detected, until who-knows-how-long later.  Now he’s a fishy mummy.

As I was trying to sketch this little guy, it occurred to me that Stu was like that.  He would just jump.  If something was new, or interesting, or exciting, he wouldn’t really think much about it.  He would just jump.  Krista and I had a good giggle about that.  She remembers somebody recalled the same thing at the memorial.  We loved that about him.

Sakura pigma Micron and watercolor in Strathmore Mixed Media journal. © Lisa M Harkins


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