Friday Sketches

Both of us were pretty busy this Friday.  Krista had family in town, and I had dinner with friends.  No matter, we did our sketches on Saturday.

Silver salt shaker. Sharpie on prepainted page in Strathmore Mixed Media journal. © Lisa M Harkins

Mine was just a quick grab for something more architectural.  It’s a little out of my comfort zone, and got me thinking more about perspective and relationships of shapes to one another.  I worked for about an hour and then moved on to the next part of my busy day.  I have to say, even though I sort of crammed this weekly activity into a packed schedule this weekend, it was nice to “force” myself to do it.  It makes you slow down and think a little.  That little window of time was for myself and my thoughts.  It was pretty wonderful.

Krista has a cool asylum bed in her apartment.

Asylum bed, © Krista Simurdak

Here are her thoughts on this week’s sketch.

You crave that special thing about the person who passed away.  You can’t find it anywhere else.  Were they taken because they were so special?  Do they have elevated work to do somewhere else?  And how do we down here make it, without access to them?

Sometimes you feel them here anyway.  You’re not as scared or lonely as you used to be, you feel their influence, their “watching over you,” you have new skills you didn’t have before.  Something’s been handed down to you.

That’s why people who have had loss are more interesting to be with.  Things that aren’t real or earned are boring now.


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