Block of the Month

Who knew what possessed me?

I joined the local quilt guild for the monthly joy of communing with three of my dear friends.  And let’s face it, sometimes, I really enjoy working on something traditional to give myself a rest from constantly designing and making new work.  All those decisions wear a person out.

But somehow, I’ve ended up in charge of the Block of the Month.  I just couldn’t seem to keep my hand from shooting in the air when they asked for a volunteer, and I don’t even really piece that well (as you all well know).  Still, it’s been a joy to go through my grandma’s quilting books.  She bought them in the 40s, and gave them to me in the 80s.  When I learned to quilt, I learned old-school – tracing around a template for each piece, hand-sewing them together, quilting by hand.  Some of those traditional blocks seemed so complicated, and it would take a lifetime to make some of those tops by hand.  Now, it’s a fun exercise to re-draft some of them with the knowledge of strip piecing to help.  For my first contribution to the club, I chose one of my favorites – Cupid’s Arrow Point.

My favorite traditional quilt blocks are those that seem plain alone, but make beautiful patterns when you sew them to each other.  This block makes a gorgeous quilt with lovely feathered squares and nice, white blocks just begging for a quilted medallion.  If you would like the instructions I wrote, here they are.  I personally believe that one should not be able to copyright a traditional quilt pattern, but if you share my instructions, some credit would be nice.

I’m looking forward to working through my grandma’s blocks while I am on this adventure.  And who knows, maybe my piecing will get better!


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