Apparently, my sister’s cats are stereotypical in a way that I never really believed was real.  This is what happens when you leave a new ball of yarn and 3 rows of knitting on the kitchen table for half an hour.

Too bad you couldn’t see it wrapped around 20 feet of floorspace and furniture in her house.  Awww.  They’re so CUTE.



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3 responses to “Tangled

  1. I had a bassett puppy chomp down on my skein and run for the all she could (and bassetts can be fast!). I was laughing so hard and hanging on to the needles for all they were worth, that I couldn’t stop her until she had made it through 3 rooms of the house. Hope your sister recovered.

  2. Ronetta Sawatzki

    Oh my goodness! Little rascals aren’t they? Rosie’s kitty has been playing with some boa ribbon that I found to adorn Christmas presents. I kept finding it all over the house and then I caught the little thief in action! Hilarious!! Give Krista hugs for me!

  3. Maggie

    Hello. This is Maggie.

    I resent being made fun-of online. In our culture, things are ours if left (for us). Just like the roll of T.P. we find every now and then.

    Me and Mona decided we can have anything we can reach, and we can do anything we want with them.

    So there.

    signed, Mag Pie

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