The family gathered in grief and shock at the sudden passing of my 41-year-old brother.  My aunts and uncles arrived from various corners of the country to blanket us in their care.  In the midst of handling the details and making sure everyone had what they needed to cope, we still managed a family project.

A lucet, whispered to my aunt as a potential Christmas gift for her finger-knitting granddaughter.  Somehow, the bone one she bought just wasn’t cutting it.  From my memory to her hand-drawn template, recycled wood became a beautiful tool in the hands of my father and uncles.

It is a true comfort to use, keeping hands occupied when the mind wants to wander back in time, and cannot meet the demands of a knitting pattern.  I miss you, Stu.



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4 responses to “Comfort

  1. lisa, i am sorry for your loss. how hard to lose one so young, so quickly. thinking of you-

  2. Becky

    Lisa, I love this post so very much as a testament to our quirky, lovely family, together and projecting, as usual, even through the greatest of grief. So beautifully written, and I feel your sore heart as you chronicle this time. It made me tear up in love and gratitude for you and our awesome family.
    Love you! Travel safe.

  3. Jeri

    My current project is finishing cross stitch ornaments for my friend Julie Bliss.
    Julie died of cancer last month. I am so happy I thought to ask her if she needed help finishing anything.
    I hope you are able to stitch or make art or find something that is a comfort to you. My heart hurts for you Lisa. Take care of yourself. I know you will take care of everyone else.

  4. Jan Moulder

    Lisa, I’m so sad to hear of Stu’s death. My thoughts are with you and your family.


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