Taxidermy Thursday

I am learning a new skill, starting this week.

Taxidermy.  Our local Audubon Society chapter has secured a collection permit in order to develop an educational collection.  Matt Klope, a biologist and taxidermist, is teaching some of us to cure specimens for the collection.  They come from car strikes, window strikes, natural and unexplained deaths.  There are quite a few of them that need to be processed.

My first is a female Belted Kingfisher.  It took about 3 hours.  I would have liked to have had time to sew it up stuffed, but we decided to pin it out as a flat skin.  It wasn’t anywhere near as gross as I thought it could have been.  And what a great way to get to know my favorite inspiration better.  At least they hold still for a while.


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  1. awesome that you are doing this!

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