The Nature of the Lake, Part 2

Today we wrapped up our fabric painting projects.  We did some more leaf pounding and some more fabric paint with resists.  We finished off the day with some printing, using fabric paint brushed onto the backs of our leaves.  Some of the layered pieces turned out really nicely.

The thimbleberry leaf on the right was printed with Jacquard textile paint. The fern on the left was printed with Lumiere.

This was a happy accident. I had been using the same leaf for repeated prints, which had been building up paint of different colors. On this print, all the layers came off off the leaf at once, and the effect was pretty interesting.

Aunt Rosemary made several pieces with layered effects. I love her soft and subtle color scheme.


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One response to “The Nature of the Lake, Part 2

  1. Ronetta Sawatzki

    Awesome!!! Love those colors and textures!!

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