Always, ALWAYS take your camera…

We were out for a rainy Sunday drive, when we saw this.

This log barge is not an unusual sight in our area.  What was unusual was where we were.

It took about a half an hour for these tug boats to work this log barge through Deception Pass at slack tide.  What a wonder.

I was also enjoying the patterns in the way the logs were linked together.  Those will turn up in my sketchbook soon.

Oh, and the wildflowers weren’t bad either.



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3 responses to “Always, ALWAYS take your camera…

  1. Wonderful….I won’t admit the number of log trucks I have almost rearended while trying to memorize the patterns. ;-O
    You have great photos, it is the skill I am currently working on and frankly, I am getting very very discouraged.

    • fibreisle

      Hi Jeri,

      I am still learning. Bought my Nikon dSLR in October of last year, and it’s sometimes so overwhelming all of the components. Best of luck to you. I have to work with things that hold still or move very slowly so I have time to twiddle of the settings. I bet I take a couple dozen photos for every one that even comes close. But I enjoy it, and I learn a little bit more every time.

  2. lisa–this is amazing. and a good reminder!

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