Reduction Block Print, Day 1

Wow!  It HAS been a long time since I posted.  I haven’t had much time for art lately, due to History Day and a couple of recent teaching gigs.  But today, I sat down to work on a reduction print project.  Reduction printing is when you carve a print block from whatever media you like to use – for me, it’s a soft-block substance called PZ Kut.  You carve your design into it.


Then you make a print.


After that, you carve a bit more from the block, make another print over the top of the previous print, and repeat for as many colors as you are using (mine will be 3 colors plus the colored paper background.)  The sad thing about reduction blocks is that when you’re done, you only have the most recent stage, so it’s very much a limited-edition process.  Tune in later as I work through the next couple of prints!

 The subject is a beautiful piece of kelp that commonly grows off the coast of California.


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